Duct Cleaning

Should You Have The Air Ducts In Your Home Cleaned?

Duct cleaning can be a dirty business.  Make sure your having the ducts cleaned in your home for the right reasons.  Duct cleaning has never been shown to prevent health problems.  Neither do studies conclusively demonstrate that dust levels increase due to dirty ducts.  Many people have there ductwork cleaned to relieve themselves of dust in their home.  While dust can be transported by your duct system, it does not produce the dust.  Dust must be eliminated at the source.  With a Whole House Checkup the source can be identified and a solution suggested.  The simple fact is that while there are reasons to have your ductwork cleaned, it's not for everyone. 

If your not sure whether you need duct cleaning check out the EPA guidelines recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
A more important factor concerning your air ducts is sealing.  The EPA estimates that 20% or more of heating and cooling energy is wasted through inefficient ducts.  To learn more on duct sealing check out the Department of Energy's Guide on Duct Sealing.