What Is Comfort Secure?

Comfort & Security all in one

Comfort Secure


Simply put, the Comfort Secure System is peace of mind and convenience all wrapped up into one. Leave home on a vacation or business trip with the confidence that your home is safe from the disaster of a heating or cooling system breakdown. Plus, you will enjoy the feeling of coming home to a cozy warm house in the winter, and a cool, dry house in the summer.



The Comfort Secure System is a combination of thermostat, alarm system, and service company, all rolled up into one. Using an Internet enabled thermostat you are only a mouse click away from adjusting the temperature, schedule, and high/low temperature alerts on your home thermostat. In the event something does go wrong, an alert will be sent, via e-mail and text message, to you and a technician ready to solve your problem.


So relax! With Roberts Service Company's Comfort Secure System installed in your home you no longer have to wonder what disaster you might be coming home to.

Let Roberts Service Company get you started on one of its three levels of Comfort Secure Systems and leave the worry to us.