Sterling Model QVSF

Model "QVSF"

The Sterling model "QVSF" separated combustion unit heater is designed to be installed in mildly hostile environments where dusty, dirty, and mildly corrosives exist, or high humidity or slightly negative pressures prevail. The burners, pilot and flue system are enclosed within the unit. The entire combustion process is literally unaffected by the atmosphere in the space where the unit is located. Units are available from 100-400 MBH and carry a one year warranty.

Standard Features:
·   CSA certified for 80% efficiencies
·   10 sizes ranging from 100 to 400 MBH
·   Aluminized steel heat exchanger -20 gauge
·   Optional 409 and 321stainless steel heat exchangers
·   Single stage gas valve (STD)
·   Optional 2 stage and modulating gas valves
·   Spark Ignition (STD) on QVEF and QVSF models
·   Available in Natural or LP gas
·   Easy burner access with individual removable burners
·   Two point suspension
·   Factory fire tested
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