Water Heater Parts

Aluminum Anode Rod

There are typically two styles of anode rods in residential water heaters. A hex head anode rod screws into it's own opening in the top of the heater. A nipple type anode rod is built as part of the hot water outlet and screws into the top of the heater via the hot water outlet opening. For a better understanding of what an anode rod is and how it works click here.

Hex Head TypeThis is an example of a Hex Head or Plug type Anode Rod. This type screws directly into the top of the heater in its own opening.

Water Connection TypeThis is an example of a Connection type Anode Rod. This type is a combination of hot water outlet connection and anode rod. This type screws into the hot water opening of the tank.

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Screw-In Element for Bradford White Electric Water Heaters
Wags Valve (safety shutoff valve)

WAGS Valve Categories:

Taco created the WAGS valve to protect consumers from a common problem: flooding and damage caused by a water heater failure. It happens some 5.5 million times every year.

Every water heater fails, most within 7 to 10 years. And because water continues to be supplied, a leaking water heater can pour hundreds or thousands of gallons of water into the home, damaging floors, rugs, furniture, personal items and the structure itself.

The WAGS (Water And Gas Shut-off) Valve eliminates the problem by automatically shutting off the water supply when a leak occurs. On gas-fired water heaters, WAGS also shuts off the gas supply to eliminate another potentially serious hazard.

WAGS can easily be installed on new or existing water heaters, both to protect the homeowner’s property and give them peace of mind.

Features Include:

  • Easy Installation on New and Existing Water Heaters
  • Dependable, Proven Technology
  • Taco Quality-Built
  • $1,000 Lifetime Protection Policy

Aluminum Water Heater Pan
Bulk Aluminum Water Heater PanBulk Aluminum Water Heater Pan
  • Exposed edges have been rolled to protect the installer from injury.
  • Meets requirements of Southern Building Code.
  • Pans are pre-drilled to accept the following furnished fittings.
  • Recommended for gas or electric water heaters.