Frozen Air Conditioner Lines

Frozen Air Conditioner Line?
A frozen suction line on an air conditioner is an indication that the evaporator located in your air distribution system is completely frozen over.  Once the evaporator becomes frozen it is impossible for air to pass through it, thus causing the air conditioner to stop cooling the home.  This condition should be corrected immediately as damage to the compressor will most likely occur.
There are several reasons air conditioning systems freeze up.  However, the most common cause is the easiest to fix.  By far and away we find more air conditioners froze up due to dirty/clogged air filters.  Most of the time the problem can be remedied by simply changing the air filter and allowing the coil to thaw out.  One important note!  You should allow the fan to run on the furnace/air handler overnight without the air conditioner operating to insure complete thawing of the evaporator.
Other common causes include: Dirty Evaporator; Bad indoor fan motor; Dirty indoor blower wheel; Low refrigerant charge; Restricted indoor air flow; Operation of air conditioner below design outdoor air temperatures; Too cold of return air; Improperly sized equipment or ductwork; and many others.  The problem is normally associated with indoor air flow issues, but on rare occasions can be due to improper refrigerant charge.  Most of these problems are more difficult to detect and may require profession assistance.  To make an appointment click here.


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