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Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution on Children

Asthma is a major health issue related to indoor air pollution. It is a growing concern among parents today. It’s estimated that about 20 million Americans have asthma, and 6.3 million of them are children. The largest growth in asthma cases is children under five. If you have children, you should be very aware of the health effects of indoor air pollution.

65 percent of asthma cases among elementary school-age kids could be prevented by controlling children’s’ exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and indoor allergens, according to a recent study.

Indoor air pollutants like ETS can cause higher incidences if sudden infant death syndrome, middle ear infections, lower respiratory infections, and can also slow the development of children’s lungs.

Because children are so susceptible to the health effects of indoor air pollution, you need to make sure your living environment is as clean and healthy as possible.

Let us help you. Have a HomeAdvice™ indoor air quality test done today in your home – it’s simple, easy, and is typically offered at an affordable or with some providers no cost to you, the homeowner. Find an IAQ expert in your area.

Once you know if something is wrong, you can take any necessary actions needed to ensure your family’s health. The majority of the time a small investment can go a long way towards making your home’s air safer.

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