$59.00 Air Conditioner Clean & Check


Do you know this guy?  He's the guy you called to do the $59.00 Air Conditioner Clean & Check.  Why is he laughing?  Because he knows when you call him he's going to make you pay more than the $59.00 he advertised. 
You see, he knows that money is tight for everyone. He knows that by offering a ridiculously low prices he can lure people searching for a bargain into making a call and setting the trap. 

The trap you ask?  Well the trap is an age old trick used for generations.  You know, the old bait and switch. 
Once he arrives he will begin by acting like he's doing what you called him for, an air conditioner clean & check.  But like clockwork he'll soon begin his tricks.  "You need this or you need that" or "You know, you'll really benefit from this product or that program." Before you know it your $59.00 air conditioner clean & check has turned into hundreds of dollars that you never intended to spend.

Don't Get Caught In His Trap!

The crew at Roberts Service Plbg. & Htg. Co. Inc.
Tina, Jeremy, Scott, Josh, and Chuck
Call a company that's been a trusted member of the community for over 40 years!  Roberts Service Company doesn't rely on gimicks and shady sales tactics to gain you business.  For over 40 years we have worked to earn your trust and business by offering value.  We strive to keep our employees trained and our overhead in check so we can give you a great job at a fair price.
Please! Put us to the test!  There will be no high pressure sales, no sales gimicks, and no shady salesman tactics from our people.  If our work and ethics do not meet your expectations I will make it right!
Scott Roberts - Owner, President, and Neighbor